Here’s a useful tip to grow your average order value.

A lot of merchants offer free shipping after a cart value is met. This is to encourage shoppers to add more to their cart - a classic upsell.

With Wisp, you can send notifications to visitors based on the value of their current cart. The best way to do this is to focus on users that are getting close to that magic free-shipping threshold you set, but haven't crossed it yet.

Let's start with an example:

A merchant offers free shipping with orders of over $200 and she wants to make sure shoppers that have at least $150 in their cart know about it. This would encourage them to add a bit more to their cart and checkout with a higher order value.

Here are the key steps to make that happen.

  1. Create a new custom campaign.

    Give the campaign a title, and decide on what you want to say in the notification and teaser.

  2. Decide on your call to action.

    You can chose between setting the button to simply close after the shopper sees it, or you can send them to a specific page. If you have products that are popular and fit the price range you're trying to grow the cart value by, try creating a collection of them! Make it as easy as possible for your shopper to hit the goal you set.

  3. Set your audience so cart value will trigger the notification.

    Here's the magic. When you're building the audience, you're going to set two rules to work together:

    - Cart values over X.
    - Cart values under Y.

    To do this, create your first rule so that the property is 'cart value', your operator is 'greater than or equal to' and you value is '150'.

    Now click add rule, choose the 'cart value' again, only this time pick 'lower than or equal to' as your operator and set your value to .

    This audience should make sense when you read it as plain english. You want to send notifications with a cart value that is greater than or equal to 150 and lower than or equal to 200.

    It should look like this:

When that's done, go ahead and publish your campaign. It's ready to go!

As a final few tips:

  • Make sure you think about what the right range is so that you're really capturing shoppers that have a high likelihood of completing your goal. After all, Wisp is all about personalizing a visitors experience, so make sure it's nice and relevant!
  • Of course, make sure you set your shipping rules up in your Shopify admin too so that the orders that meet the goal get the free shipping you offered them.