TL:DR; Wisp has launched a stats page to give you an impact overview. It compares traffic that engages Wisp and those who don't on key metrics like:

- revenue
- page views
- conversion

The Stats Page is just the beginning. In the future we'll be bringing more ways to measure Wisp, including deeper performance on a campaign level and engagement insights. For now, it starts with the Stats Page.

Stats Page Overview.

A lot goes in to understanding how notifications impact your brand's performance. As merchants using Wisp, we've learned that there are so many goals behind the different campaigns you create, and a one-size-fits-all approach isn't going to cover everything.

That's why we've spend so much time digging in to how we should communicate the effect Wisp has. In conversations, we heard loud and clear that you want to know three main things, all of which deserve attention and a deliberate approach to solve for them.

- Are people engaging my feed?
- Are my campaigns doing their job?
- What is Wisp's impact on my business?

The Stats Page is step 1 on this journey, and it focuses on the impact on your business. To find your Stats page, just look in the navigation on the left of your Wisp Admin. When you're there, here's what you'll see:

There are 3 main sections of data on the stats page (labeled in the image with purple circles).

  1. Attribution: this details the value of customers that interact with Wisp. It doesn't take credit for the revenue - that's not how attribution works. Instead this section highlights revenue generation where Wisp was part of the customer journey before they made a purchase.
  2. Open Rates: this one is simple - the average open rate of all campaigns that are seen when the feed is opened. This a way to understand how enticing your teasers are.
  3. Engagement: a comparison of behaviour between visitors that interact with Wisp and visitors that don't, centered around page views and conversion rates.

We think the Statistics Page is a great first step to learning about Wisp and your business. There's more on the way too, including campaign specific data. As always, let us know what you think and chime in - what would you like to see?