It'd be great if there were a magic eight ball that could tell us which customers are going to buy something before they do. While that might not be possible, we can use data to know who is more likely to make a purchase than others.

One such audience is super important: visitors to come back to your store a second time.

Everyone is eager to welcome a first time visitor to their site and a lot of marketing/optimization goes in to serving this audience. But what if I told you that visitors who come back a second time are 75% more likely to complete a purchase than a first time visitor?

You'd probably want to welcome them back! Let's look at how you can make this happen.

How to get return visitors.

A lot of energy goes into generating traffic, but getting people to come back a second time (or more!) takes effort too, so don't leave it up to chance.

Some visitors will come back on their own simply because they're on the fence, but others will come back if you motivate them. There are a few keys to making this happen.

First you need to capture your traffic. Marketers refer to 3 types of media used to generate traffic:

  • earned: customers talking about you or sharing your content.
  • paid: spending money on advertising, influencer promotion, etc.
  • owned: engaging subscribers (email) or followers (socials).

Which is the most important channel for driving return traffic? That's right - it's owned. After all, they'll need to have engaged you at least once in order to leave their email or give you that follow in the first place.

To capture these visitors, or 'convert them to owned', Wisp has created the following templates to help - look for them when you create a new campaign:

  • 'Collect emails and offer discounts'
  • 'Turn visitors into Instagram followers'

After you start growing your following and lists, you now have a chance to keep those subscribers and followers in the loop on your brand. Make sure you share lots of content that you think they'll enjoy.

When you're emailing, experiment with different days of the week and times of day to see when you get the highest open rates. On social media, see if you can figure out what types of content draws the most engagement! It's important to always be learning from and about your audiences.

When you're generating content, make sure you're giving the people seeing it a reason to come back! This means a clear call to action in an email or an invitation on social media. Explicitly tell them why they should come check out your shop again.

Welcoming Them Back

Have you ever met someone, and then run into them but they totally forgot ever meeting you?  Yeah... me neither. 😬

Take it from me, it never feels good. So why would we give our visitors the same experience? With Wisp you can welcome people back to your site and make them feel like they're back where they belong.

Using the Wisp audience builder, there are 2 great methods to make this happen:

  1. Visit counts greater than 1: This is the generalist method. A 'Welcome Back' campaign using this rule would need to be fairly generic as it could be pretty much anyone coming back.
  2. UTM Parameters: This one is more technical but it's super cool and helps you deliver a specific notification if the visitor clicked on a specific link to come back to your website, like the link in your email marketing campaign.

You might be asking 'what's a UTM Parameter?' Since this blog is brand new, we haven't penned anything on UTMs yet, but our friends at Hubspot have, so if you'd like to learn more, feel free to check out their post. We'll be writing our own, Wisp specific one soon.

What you say to welcome back a visitor should really depend on how narrow or wide your audience is, and what you know about them based on how they're returning. In the end, the goal should be to make a connection, so let your visitors know that you're happy to see them again.

We'd love to hear about what you do to welcome back visitors. If you try something that works great, or maybe didn't but you learned something, drop us a note!