A lot of merchants ask us what campaigns they should have, and the truth is depending on your goals, the answer is totally different. However, we know one campaign is super important no matter what you plan on sharing: the introduction to your feed!

Wisp is a new feature for online stores. While we've seen the little red notification badges be used before to draw attention to links or show how many items are in a cart, odds are that you'll be one of the first shops where a visitor experiences a real notification feed, built just for them.

That's pretty cool, but it means the way a visitor thinks about the feed will be shaped by how you use it. That's how first impressions work.

Merchants that get the most out of Wisp do so by using it as a communication channel with visitors to build strong brand connections. This means it's not just about collecting emails or promoting sales. It's sharing content, announcing contests, and being helpful.

Some visitors, not knowing what to expect will think that their notification feed is what ever they see the first time they open it up. If you want them to keep checking new notifications, keep them excited about it! Make their first impression a way to learn about what they can expect. Tell them how you'll use it.

Here's an example of what that can look like:  

To make this easy for you, here's the text we used. Feel free to copy it, or make your first notification totally your own.


Welcome to your feed!


This notification feed is where we’ll share things we think you’d love to see, based on what we learn as we get to know you!
Everything from product launches, sales, new content and personalized offers will be sent to you, so when you see that red dot, make sure you check in!

It’s really valuable to let your visitors know what they can expect to find in their feed, and help them develop the habit of coming back.

Display your first notification to everyone who comes to your site, and most importantly, back up what you say by delivering on it.